OmniShore - The all-new shoring system

OmniShore lets you perform all shoring operations with one system 

Holmatro OmniShore is the only system that helps you overcome all shoring challenges with just six different struts and no fixed length extension pipes. Guaranteed to save weight and space on your truck.

OmniShore enables you to build every construction quickly and easily 

Holmatro OmniShore’s patented Trident Coupler ensures a safe connection between two struts and offers a seamless and intuitive setup of lengths up to 17 feet or 5.2 meters.

OmniShore allows you to take full control with less people

Holmatro OmniShore’s patented OmniLock system supports you in monitoring and operating struts from a safe distance. This means less manpower is required and no one needs to be near a moving load.

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