For over 50 years, Holmatro has been developing the most innovative and powerful hydraulic rescue tools. The hydraulic rams spread heavy components to extricate patients who are entrapped. Whether you choose the Pentheon battery-powered rams or CORE hose rams, we are happy to advise you with a suitable solution for your rescue purpose. 

Purpose of use 

The Holmatro hydraulic rams are useful in various situations. That's why you have the choice between various ram models as well. The purpose of use can be found in different rescue operations. Also, you can choose from various ram accessories. 

Pentheon battery-powered rams 

The Pentheon rams have a feature called smart ram extension; When you connect the optional extension pipe, the ram will automatically adapt its force to the new maximum length. Also, the Pentheon rams come with an integrated laser pointer and a double carrying handle. This improves the safety of both you as well as your patient.

CORE hose rams 

CORE stands for COaxial Rescue Equipment Technology. This refers to the way hydraulic oil is directed from the pump to the tool and vice versa. With CORE, you only need one hose for both the pressure and return of the hydraulic oil. Due to the CORE coupler, it’s also very easy to switch tools connected to your pump. CORE hose tools are safer, quicker and easier to use than traditional hose rescue tools. As for the rams, the CORE rams are available with a single or double plunger. Or choose for a telescopic CORE ram.