Hydraulic rams are essential tools in the rescue toolkit. They are designed to spread heavy components, making it possible to extricate entrapped victims swiftly and safely. When you’re dealing with a complex vehicular accident or a collapsed structure, a reliable ram can make all the difference.

Holmatro’s hydraulic rams

Holmatro’s hydraulic rams are a mix of cutting-edge technology and practical design, ensuring optimal performance in critical rescue situations. One of the standout features is the smart ram extension in the Pentheon series, which automatically adjusts its force when an extension pipe is connected.

Safety is paramount during rescue operations. The double carrying handle ensures a secure grip during operations. This carrying handle also makes it easier for you to approach the vehicle from all sides. The integrated laser pointer helps you position the ram quickly and accurately, saving time , , which can be crucial in your rescue operation.

At Holmatro, we have battery-powered rams and hose powered rams with the CORE system. The CORE system revolutionized the hydraulic process by using a single hose for both the inflow and outflow of hydraulic oil, making tool switches seamless and efficient.

Furthermore, the diverse range of models, from single to double plungers and telescopic designs, ensures that every rescue scenario is catered for. With Holmatro’s hydraulic rams, rescuers are equipped with tools that are not only powerful but also smart and user-friendly.

Purpose of use

Our hydraulic rams can be used in various situations, like dashboard rolls and cross ramming. That’s why you have the choice between different ram models. The independent use depends on the type of rescue operation. There are also various accessories available for the rams, like cross-ram support sets.

All our rams are suitable for a myriad of situations. From the Telescopic RAM PTR50 to the Ram PRA40, we offer a diverse range of models to fit your specific needs.

Why choose Holmatro’s hydraulic rams and what to keep in mind when buying one

Retracted Length & Extended Length

Retracted length stands for the length of the ram before the plunger has been sent out, extended length is the length when is the plunger has been fully extended. In other words, retracted length indicates how much space you need to insert the ram, and extended length tells you how much space you can create.

Single plunger, double plunger & telescopic plunger

We offer our Core rams with single plunger, double plunger or telescopic plunger. The double plunger is sent out from two sides of the ram. With a single plunger ram, the plunger is sent out one way. With the telescopic ram , the plunger is also sent out on one side, but there is a second smaller plunger inside of the first one, which is sent out afterwards.

The advantage of the telescopic plunger over the double one is that it has a smaller retracted length, making it easier to position in tight spaces. The first plunger has more force than the second one, but most of the force is often needed at the beginning, e.g. to move , a dashboard. Pushing it further often requires less force.

In the Pentheon series, we no longer offer the double plunger, just the single and the telescopic one. The reason to choose a single plunger over a telescopic one is a lower price and weight.


We work with an expert dealer network. Our dealers know which Ram works best in which situation. Reach out to us, or find a Holmatro dealer in your area.

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