Cutting & Spreading

Cutting & Spreading 

With the increasing number of cars on the road, high-quality rescue tools are more important than ever. This is one of the main reasons we keep innovating the rescue tools continuously. The result? Our cutting and spreading rescue tools have made rescue procedures quicker, easier and safer. 

Features and benefits

One of the key features of our rescue tools is high power in combination with outstanding performance scores. Those cutting performances can't be captured by scores on papers: they need to be tested. That's why Holmatro tests the cutters and spreaders on the newest and strongest car models. 

Our Pentheon cutting and spreading rescue tools offer unparalleled speed, ultimate control, and easy battery management. 


Different technologies offer different characteristics. The in 2005 introduced CORE hose technology replaces the traditional toolset. In 2020 the battery-powered Pentheon rescue tools were launched. A complete new range of battery-powered rescue tools with outstanding performance.

The battery-powered rescue tools have some advantages over our CORE hose tools. The cutting and spreading tools first of all offer more freedom of movement. The future is cordless! Without any pump or hose, you can move around freely. An additional benefit: less storage space required in your engine. Also, the battery-powered Pentheon tools take no time to set up; simply open your truck and walk away with your rescue tool. The magnetic battery connector will unplug from the tool immediately. No pumps and hoses to check, so less maintenance after using the cutters or spreaders. 

Same performance, different benefits. The common basis? Safety first. Which technology works for you?

Purpose of use 

Holmatro to the rescue! Our hydraulic cutting and spreading tools are beneficial in various situations: from rapid interventions to the biggest and heaviest car constructions. We also offer more light and compact models. The similarity? Impressive performance scores with the aim of all time safety. 

Our cutting and spreading product range contains cutters, spreaders, combi tools, and rams