Combi Tool 5160

Combi Tool 5160: Unmatched in Power, Performance and Weight

The new 5160 combi tool is a winner on all counts: highest force, largest spreading distance and biggest cutting opening. And while this combi tool is built for multiple heavy duty tasks it has the lowest weight in its class. Powered by EVO 3 battery technology or CORE technology.

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Combi Tool 5160 -Large spreading distance and cutting opening.jpgLarge spreading distance and cutting opening

Gives you great operational flexibility. Cuts wider materials and creates all the space you need.




Combi Tool 5160 - Removable spreadingtips.jpgRemovable spreading tips

To finish a cut without crushing material between the tips. Designed in one piece to prevent losing parts. Quick single-handed removal with reflective markings for optimal visibility.



Combi Tool 5160 - Unique grip tooth.jpgUnique grip tooth

For extra bite when cutting. To prevent wider materials from being pushed out of the blades.



Part of the new 5000 Series Combi Tools

Part of the new 5000 Series Combi Tools

You never know what you’re up against out there. The combi tool gives you ultimate flexibility: a single piece of equipment for cutting, spreading, squeezing and pulling. With its exceptional performance this is a tool you can rely on in any situation.