Rescue Assist Tools



Rescue Assist Tools 

There are Rescue Assist Tools for any rescue operation. From an airbag cover to a seatbelt cutter: you can count on us, for life! 

Multiple tool types 

Besides the cutting, spreading, lifting and wedging tools, we offer multiple tool types to assist your rescue operation. Think about stabilization, ram support, assist & protective equipment, leak prevention, glass management & sharp edge protection. What do you need for your operation? 

Stabilization assist tools 

Chocks and Blocks are perfect to use for stabilization. Choose your set with small and/or large wedges, lock blocks or step chocks. 

Ram support 

To make (cross) ramming easier and create a more steady base, you can choose from various ram supports. In this area we offer ram support to use on the rocker channel and B-pillar of a car to provide a solid platform for a ram. You can also choose for the Cross Ram Support Set, which helps you to distribute the force of the ram over a larger area and prevents it from pushing through the car construction. 

Assist & protective equipment

Safety first, so protective equipment is essential within any rescue operation. Our Secunet III airbag protection cover neutralizes for instance the impact of an accidental airbag explosion. Also, the sharp edge protection covers are essential to cover any sharp objects or edges. Easily stick them on the car with the extremely powerful magnets.

Contact us 

Reach out to us, or find a Holmatro dealer in your area if you have any questions about which tool is most suited for your specific situation. Curious about what Holmatro has to offer next to the rescue assist tools? Discover our various products, such as spreadersramscuttersbreaching tools and much more, or download the Holmatro rescue brochure.