Greenline EVO Range

Greenline EVO Range

The next evolution in battery-powered rescue tools.

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Higher speed

  • Up to 33% faster operation
  • Tools deliver the same high performance in less time

Greenline EVO Range - Emission-free.jpgEmission-free

  • No fumes: healthier for rescuers and victims
  • Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces like busses, trains, tunnels and collapsed buildings
  • Environmentally friendly



Greenline EVO Range - All weather proof.jpgAll weather proof

  • Suitable for use at low temperatures, down to -20°C / -4°F
  • Suitable for use in wet weather conditions



Greenline EVO Range - Control handle in central position on back of tools.jpgControl handle in central position on back of tools

  • Always within reach
  • Allows you to rotate the tool freely, while keeping your hand in the same position



Greenline EVO Range - Battery on top of tools.jpgBattery on top of tools

  • Quick & easy to change, even in narrow spaces




Greenline EVO Range - State-of-the-art battery technology.jpgState-of-the-art battery technology

  • Latest lithium-ion technology
  • High battery capacity for maximum output
  • Low self-discharge rate for long battery life
  • No memory effect
  • LED indicator showing battery capacity
  • Suitable for use at high altitudes