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Being used for saving lives, rescue equipment must be reliable and perform well under all circumstances. That is why Holmatro rescue tools comply with all important international safety standards such as NFPA 1936 and EN 13204. To ensure the reliability and good condition of your Holmatro products during their whole lifespan we support you through our worldwide network of (dealer) service specialists.

Professional people, professional service

Holmatro (dealer) service technicians are factory trained and certified to service your rescue tools according to our own high standards. They have a certificate and badge to prove their qualification. Our service offerings include maintenance, repairs and even yearly inspection & testing of Holmatro rescue equipment. This inspection program contains the most demanding procedures in the market for checking tool condition, reliability and safety at the moment of testing.

Advantages for you

Regular check-ups and maintenance of your rescue tools by authorized Holmatro (dealer) service specialists, offers you many advantages:

  • Longer lifespan of your tools, which makes your investment last longer
  • Use of original spare parts, quality guaranteed!
  • Large local stock of spare parts minimizing the downtime of your tools
  • In the Netherlands, USA and several other countries service on location, which also minimizes the downtime of your tools
  • Factory trained service specialists knowing all about Holmatro rescue equipment
  • Planning of yearly inspections initiated by Holmatro (dealers), we do all the work
  • By outsourcing service you can stay focused on your daily job of saving lives

Example of rescue equipment testing at Holmatro Netherlands

Example of service on location in the Netherlands