Motorsports Rescue Sets

When the race is for life, you can count on our best-in-class rescue tools and support. 

Motorsport Rescue Sets

Whether you are part of a motorsport safety team responding to accidents on the race track, or a firefighter dealing with road traffic accidents, time is crucial for a positive patient outcome. Rescue operations are a race against the clock. And if you want to finish in time, you need to be well-prepared. Holmatro motorsport rescue sets will help you with that. When the race is for life, you can count on our best-in-class rescue tools and support. 

About the Motorsport Rescue Sets

Based on our experience in the world of motorsport and the big difference in conditions between circuit and rally racing, we have composed the following motorsport rescue tool sets: 

You can read more about the products that are part of these motorsport rescue sets on the individual set pages. Simply click on the link of your choice above. For more information about local support such as maintenance and training you can contact your Holmatro dealer. And if you are looking for other products in the Holmatro rescue equipment range, please visit our website’s products section. 

Holmatro Motorsport Rescue Sets & IndyCar

Holmatro has a long-standing experience in motorsport rescue. We have been a partner of the IndyCar Safety Team since 1991. This team is an industry leader in motorsport safety and race incident response. It is also the only team in the world that travels to all the different racing venues to coordinate the overall safety and personnel staffing on location. As the Official Rescue Tool Provider of the IndyCar Safety Team we also participate in joint training sessions with the motorsport rescue sets and the development of new extrication techniques. 

Holmatro Motorsport Rescue Sets & the FIA

On May 1st, 2019 Holmatro was appointed by the FIA as their Official Supplier of Motorsport Rescue Tools. With this partnership both parties aim to further improve the level of motorsport safety. This is done by bringing state-of-the-art rescue equipment to FIA sanctioned circuits and races worldwide. Part of the agreement is a cooperation between Holmatro and the FIA’s Safety and Medical departments. This will ensure the highest standard of training, which local motorsport response teams will receive along with their rescue tool delivery.