In case of emergency, rescue workers or firefighters need to be able to forcibly enter buildings, by breaching doors or other obstacles that are in the way of their rescue operation. Mechanical tools like a Halligan tool, bolt cutters and battering rams, though very useful in specific situations, can be heavy to carry and require a lot of energy and breathing air. Our hydraulic breaching tools provide a combination of power and control, helping rescue teams all over the world to act quickly and thoroughly. Below, we give you a short summary of our hydraulic breaching tools.Do you need breaching tools for Special Tactics operations? Visit our Special Tactics page for more information.

Speed is of utmost importance for a rescue team, but there’s other factors to consider when choosing breaching tools, such as weight, versatility and number of people needed to operate the tool. Different operations may require different solutions, so each of our breaching tools has specific features and benefits. Which one fits your mission the best?

Door Opener HDO100

The Door Opener HDO100 is a single-acting door opener that comes in a compact briefcase, which you can carry with one hand. A small, but powerful breaching tool, operated by an external hand pump. Some of its features include:

  • Compact tool, with a ready to use weight of 6,7kg / 14,8lbs.
  • The handle is rotatable in 360°, for optimal ease of installation in all angles.
  • A maximum stroke length of 130 mm / 5,1 in.
  • An external hand pump means two people are needed to operate this tool, and some manual force is needed.

Door ram DR200

The Door Ram DR200 is a double-acting door ram with a CORE connection, made for breaching inward opening doors with multiple locks. Double-acting means you can easily control the oil flow in both ways with the control handle of the tool, making it easier to use. Some of its features include:

  • Powered by Core hose and pump, making it compatible with your other CORE-powered Rescue tools.
    • This saves you the need to invest in a separate hose and pump.
  • Can also be combined with a backpack pump, making it operable by one person.
  • Both of these options require less manual force than a hand pump.
  • Designed to quickly open inward opening doors.
  • Can also be used for outward opening doors, with help of mechanical tools.
  • The maximum stroke length of 300 mm / 11,8 in makes it easier to open doors with multiple locks or flexible doors.
  • Ready for use weight of 7,6kg/16,8lbs.

Door ram GDR200EVO3 (excl. battery)

The Door Ram GDR200EVO3 is the same tool as the DR200, only powered by our EVO-3 battery technology. This gives the tool some additional features and benefits:

  • The GDR200EVO 3 is a cordless tool, making it operable by one person.
  • Ready for use weight of 13,4kg/29,5lbs

Even though this tool is heavier than its hose equivalent, there's the big advantage of not having to drag along a hose and pump.

All-in-One Forcible Entry tool: T1

All the aforementioned tools are specifically designed for breach doors, each with their own advantages. When you need a tool specifically for opening doors, these specialized hydraulic tools will be of great help. But as a rescuer, you may also need to cut locks or chains, ram interior doors or lift heavy materials during the same operation. In that case, carrying an extensive breaching kit up a few flights of stairs is not feasible, especially not for one person. A tool that can do all these things could save a lot of weight and space. For this reason, Holmatro introduced an all-in-one forcible entry tool in 2023: the T1. The T1 combines all features of an extensive breaching kit in one compact tool design. Some of its features and benefits include:

  • Operable by one person.
  • A ready to use weight of 7,7kg /17lbs.
  • The detachable wedge can be used to create the first gap.
  • Spreading tips can then be used to hydraulically breach heavy inward opening doors.
  • The maximum spreading distance is 128 mm/ 5 in, similar to that of the HDO 100.
  • The two-step hydraulic pump saves you energy and breathing air, compared to mechanical tools.
  • The T1 can also be used as Special Materials Cutter, battering ram or hammer.

This means that with the T1, you always have the right tool for the job.

Do you need help in selecting which breaching tools works best for you?

We offer a wide range of rescue tools. Next to breaching tools our collection also consists of: shoring & stabilization toolsspreaderscombi toolsramscutters and our Pentheon Series Tools. For more cutting and spreading tools, see our full cutting and spreading product range

Holmatro Rescue Equipment’s promise is: “you can count on us, for life”. We know which rescue tools works best in which situation. Do you need more advice on a personal note? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can count on us to help you to select a breaching or other rescue tool that works best for your operation.

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