Discover our all-new rescue shoring system created to secure your shoring needs as well as your safety.


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Shoring & Stabilization

Shoring & Stabilization 

Within our shoring and stabilization range, we offer OmniShore Sets as well as Vehicle Stabilization Struts (V-Struts). Meet our shoring and stabilization systems for every rescue scenario.  


First responders must be able to adapt to every possible situation. Have the ability to change tactics every step of the way. And be smart enough to always think ten steps ahead.

Holmatro understands the challenges of rescue shoring. That’s why we’ve created a shoring system that is as adaptive, versatile and intuitive as you. This is OmniShore. A shoring system reimagined from the ground up, designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

OmniShore features cutting-edge, patented innovations, giving you an edge in quickly and safely responding to every shoring scenario imaginable.

Features and benefits 

Holmatro OmniShore overcomes unlimited shoring challenges with a minimum number of components. OmniShore is the world’s first and only shoring solution that allows you to build any application with a system of only six different struts.

Our patented Trident Coupler always fits with ease. You can only connect two struts together, so any connection you can make is 100% safe. Besides that we’ve made sure that every single accessory fits the Trident Coupler and the plunger end of each strut.

With our patented OmniLock system you can monitor and operate struts from a safe distance. You will spend less time in the danger zone to focus on what matters: making sure safety is secured. The Auto-follow function automatically follows a load in upward and downward motion, remaining mechanically locked at all times.

We offer more than just Shoring & Stabilization tools

We offer a wide range of rescue equipment. Next to shoring & stabilization tools, we also developed: spreaderscombi toolscutters, ramsbreaching tools and our Pentheon Series with battery powered rescue tools. For more cutting and spreading tools, see our full cutting and spreading product range

We know which rescue tools works best in which situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more advice on a personal note. You can count on us to help you to select a breaching or other rescue tool that works best for your operation.

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