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Hydraulic Spreaders 

Besides cutters, hydraulic spreaders are one of the most used rescue tools. With their impressive spreading force and narrow tips, the spreaders make it possible to create space with almost no effort. 

Opportunities with hydraulic spreaders

Hydraulic spreaders are versatile rescue tools that can be used in various emergency situations, from vehicle extrications to disaster response. They provide the power and control needed to pry, lift, and move heavy objects, creating access points for rescue operations. Spreaders can be used to create space, for instance at the hinges of a car door, or between two car doors. The spreader can also be used to lift or spread apart other wedged materials.  

Whether it’s rapid interventions or complex long-lasting rescue efforts, the hydraulic spreaders are beneficial in various situations.

Features of Holmatro’s hydraulic spreaders

Holmatro’s hydraulic spreaders come with a range of features designed to enhance your rescue operations:

  1. User-friendly design: Holmatro believes in creating tools that are easy to use. Our hydraulic spreaders feature an ergonomic, inline control handle and a 360° carrying handle, making it easier to access the object you are spreading or crushing from all sides.
  2. Extreme Grip Spreading Tips that give you the grip you need: Designed to bite into the material and preventing the spreader from slipping away.
  3. Integrated LED lights: Work in low-light conditions with ease, thanks to the integrated LED lights in our spreaders.

One of the key features of our rescue tools is high power in combination with outstanding performance scores. Those performances can’t be captured by scores on papers: they need to be tested. That’s why Holmatro tests the cutters and spreaders on the newest and strongest car models.

Understanding different models

When selecting the right spreader, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Technology (Pentheon vs CORE): Choose between our battery-operated Pentheon tools, or hose tools (CORE). The CORE tools are a little bit lighter than Pentheon tools, but you do need a pump and hose as well. Those give you less mobility, and also need to be carried. Furthermore, Pentheon tools are equipped with stepless speed maximization, making them the fastest on the market.
  2. Maximum spreading distance: This refers to the distance between the spreading tips when the spreader is fully opened. The larger the spreading distance, the bigger the opening you can create.
  3. Spreading force: This is the force that the spreader can generate. The higher this value, the more force you can apply to spread a door or lift a dashboard.
  4. Weight (ready to use): This is the weight of the tool. For Pentheon, this value includes the weight of the battery. The weight is correlated with both spreading force and spreading distance; the higher these values, the heavier the tool becomes. When choosing the right spreader, it’s crucial to weigh these factors to select the tool that best fits the specific needs and situations of your rescue team.


We offer more than just hydraulic spreaders. Our range of hydraulic rescue equipment also consists of: 
•    Cutters
•    Rams
•    Combitools 
•    Breaching tools
•    Shoring & stabilization tools
•    Battery powered rescue tools

For more cutting and spreading tools, see our full cutting and spreading product range


We work with an expert dealer network. Our dealers know which Spreader works best in which situation. Reach out to us, or find a Holmatro dealer in your area.

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