Greenline battery pump SPU 16 BC

Greenline Battery Pump SPU 16 BC

The first pump you can use anywhere, for any rescue operation.

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  • Can be used in confined spaces like tunnels and collapsed buildings
  • No health risk

Next generation LiFePO4 battery technology

  • Long running time, 90 minutes of vehicle extrication
  • Can be used at high altitudes
  • Suitable for air transportation
  • Most environmentally friendly battery available

Lowest sound level and ECO whisper mode

  • Less stressful for victims
  • Improves communication at the rescue scene
  • Saves power

All weather proof

  • Same excellent performance in the rain or freezing cold

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Optional: Quick Fix & Release Bracket

  • To secure the pump in your rescue vehicle
  • For quick and easy access to your pump when every second counts

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