Stack Bags 12 bar

Holmatro 12 bar Stack Bags

Great lifting height and optimum stability

When inflating the new 12 bar Holmatro Stack Bags the contact surface remains flat. This allows you to easily stack up to three bags, for safe and stable lifting over a greater height. The four new models all have the same lifting height, so even in small spaces you can raise heavy loads up to 510 mm.

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Holmatro Stack Bags - Flat surface when inflatedFlat surface when inflated

Large contact area for optimum stability and less risk of load shifting. Stack up to three bags for safe lifting at greater height.




Holmatro Stack Bags - Smaller footprintSmaller footprint

Stacked bags have a smaller footprint than conventional bags to lift the same distance.




Holmatro Stack Bags - Easy handlingEasy handling

All bags have four straps for easy carrying. Clear markings of the contact area allow you to quickly stack up to three bags.




Holmatro Stack Bags - Maximized stabilityMaximized stability

The nonslip profile maximizes the stability of inflated Stack Bags. Optional retaining straps help prevent stacked bags from shifting.




Holmatro Stack Bags - Safe and controlled liftingSafe and controlled lifting

With the HTC12 control unit you can lift and lower three Stack Bags individually. The intuitive button operation offers precise and controlled air flow regulation. Lifting stops as soon as the button is released.


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