5000 Series 10 tons Rams

5000 Series 10 tons Rams - header

Lighter than ever, without compromising on performance. Holmatro introduces three new rams: RA 5311 CL, RA 5313 CL and RA 5315 CL. These compact & lightweight models are ideal for use in remote areas requiring transportation by air or on foot, and in all applications where space is limited.

5000 Series 10 tons Rams - Decreased weight.jpgDecreased weight

Lighter than ever, thanks to new materials, component integration and smart design. Very easy to carry and handle, reducing physical strain.



Built-in Speed Valve

When unloaded, the plunger extends quickly to the desired distance to speed up positioning of your ram.


5000 Series 10 tons Rams - Rotating cross heads with improved profile.jpgRotating cross heads with improved profile

Easy positioning and perfect grip in any situation.




5000 Series 10 tons Rams - New control handle.jpgNew control handle

Improved ergonomic design offering better grip for optimal tool control.