5000 Series Telescopic Rams

5000 Series Telescopic Rams

Lighter and more ergonomic than ever, improved performance.

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Lighter than ever, thanks to new materials and component integration. Easy to carry and handle, reducing physical strain.

5000 Series Telescopic Rams - Ergonomic carrying handle.jpgErgonomic carrying handle

New design for balanced carrying of your ram. Mounted parallel to the tool, minimizing storage dimensions.




5000 Series Telescopic Rams - Improved performance.jpgImproved performance

Increased spreading force of the second plunger (where you need it the most!) and more length to expand your options during extrication.


5000 Series Telescopic Rams - Integrated laser pointer in ram head - Patent pending.jpgIntegrated laser pointer in ram head - Patent pending

Marks the exact spot where the ram head will contact the vehicle once extended. Facilitates first-time-right
positioning, which saves time and is safer for the patient.



5000 Series Telescopic Rams - Integrated LED lighting.jpgIntegrated LED lighting

A total of 6 LED lights illuminate both the plunger side and the base side of the ram, giving you a clear view of your working area. Day or night: start right away without being hindered by your own shadow.



5000 Series Telescopic Rams - New control handle.jpgNew control handle

Improved ergonomic design, offering better grip for optimal tool control.



Built-in Speed Valve

When unloaded, the plunger extends quickly to the desired distance to speed up positioning of your ram.