5000 Series Combi Tools

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Lower weight, smaller size, high performance.

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Extremely compact & ultra-lightweight

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  • Ready for use weights as of 8.1 kg / 18.1 lb
  • Easy to carry, handle and store
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces


Optimal performance to weight ratio

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  • Very high spreading force (short armed 5111 models)
  • Very high spreading distance (long armed 5117 models)
  • High cutting force (all models)


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  • One tool for cutting, spreading and squeezing
  • 5117 models also suitable for pulling 
  • Suitable for a variety of operations, from rapid intervention in vehicle rescue to USAR
  • You can gain access to a modern vehicle with just one tool (tested on a new model Opel Insignia, avoiding the pillars)
  • Suitable for under water use (hand- & pump-operated models) 

Various types available

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  • Hand-, pump- or battery-operated (Greenline)
  • Short arms (higher spreading force) or long arms (higher spreading distance)
  • Your choice: carrying handle with integrated LED lights or 360° rotatable, flat foldable carrying handle on hand- and pump-operated models

Benefits Greenline combi tools

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  • Powered by lithium-ion battery technology: long operation time, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, no energy consumption when idle
  • Emission-free: healthier for rescuers and victims (no fumes from a pump), environmentally friendly, ideal for use in confined/underground spaces like tunnels, trains, busses and collapsed buildings
  • Lowest sound level: less stressful for victims, easier communication between rescuers and victims, equipment produces no sound when idle
  • All weather proof: suitable for use in wet weather conditions, suitable for use at below zero temperatures

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