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Read the blog posts of experts travelling the world to train and exchange knowledge with rescuers from all nationalities.

  • Preserving the Basics of Life

    02 May 2017

    Put very simply, a lack of breath and/or a lack of blood are two of the biggest contributing factors in patients not surviving road traffic collisions. With this in mind then, it is immediately...

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  • Hydraulic Spreaders and More Useless Numbers

    19 Apr 2017

    The latest addition to the Dunbar household is now four months old and there are nights when young Jessica is not as fond of sleep as her parents are. Inevitably the TV goes on and we spend an hour...

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  • Cutting performance: Theory versus Reality

    15 Mar 2017

    When it comes to assessing performance, we are generally predisposed to being impressed by big numbers. Whether this is the megapixels on our new camera, the top speed of our latest car or the screen...

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  • My Final Thoughts and Farewell; Well, Kind of...

    28 Feb 2017

    In the last six years I have covered a lot of miles; physically and mentally. In 2011, I left the UK Fire and Rescue Service with a passion for vehicle extrication and have subsequently spent more...

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  • Crew Resource Management and Confirmation Bias

    13 Jan 2017

    Although equipment, procedures and techniques are important in vehicle extrication, the most critical piece of the jigsaw and the glue that holds everything together is the people involved in...

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  • The Future without Vehicle Extrication?

    09 Dec 2016

    Over the last few years I have had many conversations about the possibility of the art of vehicle extrication becoming obsolete at some point in the future. It is something I often think about...

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  • The Importance of the Human Factor in Rescue

    11 Nov 2016

    I was recently invited to the Brands Hatch Motor Racing Circuit in the UK to take part in some research related to motor sports rescue. Whilst I was there and our research was complete, I was kindly...

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  • Degree of Difficulty

    12 Aug 2016

    I have just finished watching the men’s synchronized diving final from the Rio Olympics on TV. The amount of skill on display was phenomenal and if I had another four lifetimes, I could not reach that...

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  • Enthusiasm - The Key Ingredient for Training

    25 May 2016

    Very often with my job I get to travel to areas of the world where the opportunities for the rescuers to develop their technical rescue skills are limited for many and varied reasons. It may be due to...

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  • Trauma Update - Adding Some Clarity

    28 Apr 2016

    I have recently returned from a trauma conference in the UK where amongst the topics we discussed was the very hot issues of self-extrication, the use of cervical collars and spinal boards during...

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