Holmatro Rescue Consultants

Read the blog posts of experts travelling the world to train and exchange knowledge with rescuers from all nationalities.

  • Making the Most of Precious Resources

    21 Nov 2014

    I have just returned from Beijing, China. Like a lot of other countries, getting vehicles to train with can be difficult here, so we had to plan well in advance to ensure we had the necessary training...

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  • Techniques – Do it your own way!

    07 Nov 2014

    As you can imagine I do a lot of training sessions, demonstrations and seminars. At all of these events I will, at some point, get an extrication tool in my hand and do something to a car. It can be...

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  • How Extreme Temperatures Impact Your Rescues

    24 Oct 2014

    As a guy who grew up in northern United Kingdom, temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius were something I had only ever seen on TV or read about in cook books! 40 degrees Celcius This week I have been...

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  • The Future Direction of Rescue Tools?

    02 Oct 2014

    Last week I visited the Emergency Services Show in the United Kingdom. It is a great opportunity to meet friends old and new and talk to rescuers about extrication and equipment. Dedicated battery...

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  • Extrication Competitions - My View

    15 Sep 2014

    With the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) only weeks away I thought I would briefly offer my view on the concept of extrication competitions and maybe dispel a few myths for those rescuers who are not in...

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  • An International Standard to Extrication – I think not!

    26 Aug 2014

    I was recently asked to write an article for a magazine. The question posed; should there be an international standard approach to vehicle extrication? There is on the face of it only one answer...

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  • Keep an Open Mind

    01 Aug 2014

    I have spent the last 5 days at the Australasian Road Rescue Challenge in Warragul, near Melbourne, Australia. As with every competition of this kind, it's a meeting of enthusiastic, passionate people...

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  • Kinematics - you won't even know you are doing it!

    04 Jul 2014

    Kinematics is the study of how matter moves and interacts with its surroundings during the collision process. It is something I have taught firefighters and rescuers for the last ten years and it has...

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  • Technology and the Future of Rescue

    13 Jun 2014

    As I sit writing this blog on my iPad, listening to my iPod and drinking my iTea (the last one was not true, sorry) it is clear that technology is fantastic. It makes my life so much easier every...

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  • What a Relief (Cut)!

    09 May 2014

    Relief cuts are something we are all aware of and something we practice as part of our evolution training. But have you ever stopped and thought about exactly what your relief cuts are doing? I guess...

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