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  • Extrication Training: Repetition vs Complexity

    06 Oct 2017

    Having been involved with the fire service for 25 years, mostly as a firefighter and the last 15 in sales and training for vehicle extrication, I have come to realize there are no absolutes. I have...

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  • Options versus Safety: The Use of Spreaders for Lifting

    15 Sep 2017

    There is a saying in English that goes ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’. Animal lovers don’t be alarmed, it simply means there is always more than one way of achieving your objective. In...

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  • Multiple Vehicle / Multiple Casualty Incidents

    11 Sep 2017

    Multiple vehicle and multiple casualty incidents are thankfully rare but do happen. In my career, I attended three such incidents and for two of those three, I was on the first vehicle in attendance...

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  • Electric Vehicles - Update

    28 Aug 2017

    There was a time when I thought electric vehicles (EV’s) would be nothing more than a passing phase. With range (travel distance), price and lack of infrastructure (charging points) being major issues...

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  • New Car Technology: Re-think the Risk

    14 Aug 2017

    I have just had the absolute pleasure of spending some time delivering training to doctors and paramedics from the Northwest Air Ambulance (@NWairambulance on Twitter) in the UK. Amongst the topics I...

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  • Motorsports and extrication equipment

    14 Jul 2017

    I am now half way through my first season as part of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Extrication Team. The BTCC is the most popular motorsports in the UK and has a 60-year heritage. It has...

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  • Truck Incidents

    03 Jul 2017

    Incidents involving trucks remain a topic that is very often discussed when it comes to vehicle extrication. In recent blogs, I have talked about how experience breeds confidence and competence with...

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  • Is Biggest Always Best?

    07 Jun 2017

    There will always be debates about rescue equipment and more precisely, which tools are important. In recent blogs, I have talked about rams and our general reticence to engage with them to a point of...

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  • The Psychological Effects of Rescue

    29 May 2017

    May 8th - 14th 2017 was Mental Health Awareness Week (UK) and I figured that now would be the perfect opportunity to briefly talk about the mental aspects of vehicle extrication and rescue in general...

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  • Cross Ramming

    12 May 2017

    In my last blog I discussed two key medical issues facing rescuers on scene; the need to preserve breath and blood. In the very worst of impacts, where damage is severe, getting access to your patient...

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