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  • Multiple Vehicle / Multiple Casualty Incidents

    11 Sep 2017

    Multiple vehicle and multiple casualty incidents are thankfully rare but do happen. In my career, I attended three such incidents and for two of those three, I was on the first vehicle in attendance....

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  • Electric Vehicles - Update

    28 Aug 2017

    There was a time when I thought electric vehicles (EV’s) would be nothing more than a passing phase. With range (travel distance), price and lack of infrastructure (charging points) being major issues...

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  • New Car Technology: Re-think the Risk

    14 Aug 2017

    I have just had the absolute pleasure of spending some time delivering training to doctors and paramedics from the Northwest Air Ambulance (@NWairambulance on Twitter) in the UK. Amongst the topics I...

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  • Motorsports and extrication equipment

    14 Jul 2017

    I am now half way through my first season as part of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Extrication Team. The BTCC is the most popular motorsports in the UK and has a 60-year heritage. It has...

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  • Truck Incidents

    03 Jul 2017

    Incidents involving trucks remain a topic that is very often discussed when it comes to vehicle extrication. In recent blogs, I have talked about how experience breeds confidence and competence with...

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  • Is Biggest Always Best?

    07 Jun 2017

    There will always be debates about rescue equipment and more precisely, which tools are important. In recent blogs, I have talked about rams and our general reticence to engage with them to a point of...

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  • The Psychological Effects of Rescue

    29 May 2017

    May 8th - 14th 2017 was Mental Health Awareness Week (UK) and I figured that now would be the perfect opportunity to briefly talk about the mental aspects of vehicle extrication and rescue in general....

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  • Cross Ramming

    12 May 2017

    In my last blog I discussed two key medical issues facing rescuers on scene; the need to preserve breath and blood. In the very worst of impacts, where damage is severe, getting access to your patient...

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  • Preserving the Basics of Life

    02 May 2017

    Put very simply, a lack of breath and/or a lack of blood are two of the biggest contributing factors in patients not surviving road traffic collisions. With this in mind then, it is immediately...

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  • Hydraulic Spreaders and More Useless Numbers

    19 Apr 2017

    The latest addition to the Dunbar household is now four months old and there are nights when young Jessica is not as fond of sleep as her parents are. Inevitably the TV goes on and we spend an hour...

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