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  • Staying on top of your game

    26 Apr 2013

    In my previous blogs I have explained some fundamental principles relating to your approach to road traffic collisions, but of course before you can apply any of these skills, they must first be...

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  • Incident Command

    11 Apr 2013

    I was recently asked to write a blog on managing the scene of an extrication, well here goes! A well-disciplined and experienced incident commander (OIC) will make the process look effortless...

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  • The Team Approach - Immobilisation & Extrication

    21 Mar 2013

    Once your extrication plan has been implemented and you have created enough space, your casualty can now be removed from the vehicle and transported on to definitive medical care. It is important to...

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  • The Team Approach - Full Access

    20 Feb 2013

    The art of space creation and achieving full access during vehicle extrication has come a long way in the twenty years since I became a firefighter. The early 1990's saw the introduction of the Team...

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  • Space Creation - Life on the Inside

    05 Feb 2013

    Ask any medic who attends the scene of a road traffic collision: what is it like, working inside a vehicle attending to a traumatically injured patient? Firstly they will tell you that access is...

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  • The Team Approach - Stability and Initial Access

    13 Jan 2013

    Stability is literally the foundation of any successful casualty centred rescue. Preventing vehicle movement is vital for the following reasons; Prevents any further injury to the occupants (spinal...

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  • The Team Approach - Safety and Scene Assessment

    09 Jan 2013

    The Team Approach - Safety and Scene Assessment Safety is the priority for any rescuer and this must be the case for the full duration of the rescue. Whilst safety is everybody’s responsibility, the...

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  • The Team Approach

    07 Jan 2013

    The Team Approach to road traffic collisions has been around for well over two decades, and has the aim of reducing entrapment times by promoting simultaneous activity (completing several tasks at...

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  • Happy New Year!

    03 Jan 2013

    The new year is often a time for new concepts and fresh ideas. Of course here at Holmatro, we are always thinking of new and innovative ways to share information. For that reason, I have decided to...

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