Fixing lockgates

Fixing lockgates

Fixing steel gates (lockgates) during maintenance. Commissioned by GSB, Holmatro supplied 50 ton locknut cylinders and 100 ton multi purpose cylinders.

Commissioned by: GSB
Location: Oosterscheldekering, Netherlands


The Oosterscheldekering is the most well-known part of the Delta Project and an essential factor in providing flood protection from the North Sea for Zeeland. It is an imposing structure that connects the islands of Zeeland Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland (via the N57) together.

The construction of the Oosterscheldekering consists of 62 steel gates (lock gates) and 124 steel cylinders. This construction is affected by rust due to the saline conditions. To ensure that the barrier can continue to safely perform its task, maintenance is required every 10 years. In 2014 Rijkswaterstaat  commissioned GSB to carry out maintenance, for among other things, to service  the steel gates.


Before carrying out preservative maintenance on the steel gates, all the steel parts need to be cleaned. In order to prevent waste materials from ending up in the water, a support construction has been built, that absorbs pollutants and it also provides a dry working area.


To secure the steel gates during maintenance Holmatro supplied - besides hoses and pumps - eight 50 ton gravity return locknut cylinders and four 100 ton multi purpose cylinders (HGC) all with a stroke of 50 mm.

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