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As Holmatro we want to provide the end-users of high pressure hydraulics  with safe and reliable tools. Therefore we are constantly aiming to grow our network of 700 bar specialists to provide maintenance, repair, certification, and training on this subject. When you become our service partner, we will support you in becoming the go-to company for high-pressure hydraulic tools in your region. Providing your customers with the added values of the right tools, safe working knowledge, and complying with local legislation. 

We make you the 700 bar specialist!

Being able to offer your customers the added value of service, requires specific knowledge.  As Holmatro, we have over 50 years of experience on how to produce and maintain high-pressure hydraulics tools, and we know how to make this into a successful business model. We share this knowledge to make our service partners successful in delivering  service and selling high pressure hydraulic tools. Increasing your turnover means building a long term relationship with your customers, based on knowledge, support and safety.

Becoming a Holmatro service partner requires an investment from both sides, making us able to grow together. To make the services that you offer fit you market needs, we provide various service concepts.  

  • Industrial tools up to 150 ton;
  • Industrial tools up to 60 ton;
  • Industrial cutting tools.


All concepts are created to make you able to provide all the added values to your customers

  • The right testing equipment for the various tools;
  • Support on installation making you feel confident to start working the concept;
  • Full training for your technical and commercial staff;
  • Online tools for tool  and spare part management;
  • Always up to date Testing procedures to manufacturer standards;
  • A full marketing toolkit, to help kick-start your business. 
  • Tools to help your customers work safe, including a full safety campaign;
  • Direct technical support of Holmatro service technicians; 
  • Commercial benefits for our premium partners.

Interested in starting your own high pressure service business, and become a 700 bar specialist? Please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

Holmatro Premium Service

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