Holmatro is a worldwide known expert in hydraulic cutting tools for both the Industrial and Rescue market. Our Industrial Cutting Tools are specially designed for continuous use in a heavy-duty environment, with a strong focus on user safety and ergonomics. Our Industrial cutters are designed to deliver exceptional safety in operation, incorporating features like two-hand operation, a dead man's function, and shielding of all moving parts to minimize the risk of accidents.

The primary application focus of our Industrial Cutting Tools lies in recycling, demolition, production, and decommissioning tasks, where they excel in their efficiency and effectiveness. 

Although Industrial and Rescue cutters may appear similar, they were designed for a different fit for purpose. Our Industrial Cutting Tools are designed to handle a variety of materials, to endure a high frequency use, effectively reducing physical risks and demands on operators.



•    Two-hand operation for enhanced safety during cutting tasks.
•    Dead man's function to immediately stop the operation when hands are released.
•    Guarded moving parts to further minimize the risk of accidents.


•    Industrial-grade design and construction for robustness and longevity.
•    Built to withstand high-frequency use in demanding environments.
•    Blade greasing grooves for smooth and efficient cutting operations.
•    Interchangeable blades for versatile use across a wider range of Holmatro Industrial Cutting Tools.


•    A rotation mechanism enables the tool to rotate in any direction and angle for greater flexibility (stationary model).
•    Allows cutting objects without the need to position them in a particular way first (stationary model).

With a strong commitment to safety, durability, and ergonomics, Holmatro's Industrial Cutting Tools stand out as reliable and high-performance tools, meeting the diverse cutting needs of industrial applications while ensuring user comfort and safety.