Holmatro Training Center


TRAINING AND ADVICE - for every desired level

Holmatro stands for working safely. As a producer of hydraulic tools and systems, we believe it's very important for you to be able to use our products safely for a long time. To do that, it is necessary to have the proper knowledge of hydraulics. The Holmatro Training Center offers a broad range of trainings to provide this knowledge to you and your employees. We assist you in training, providing continuing education and keeping knowledge up to date, and we give training as well as advice at any level desired – from the basic knowledge of hydraulics to specialized knowledge for the professional maintenance of hydraulic tools.

With help from the Holmatro Training Center, you are always sure of working safely with high-pressure hydraulics!

How can we help?

Government, branch organizations and companies have started various initiatives from different perspectives in order to increase awareness about working safely. Holmatro does its part in the field of high-pressure hydraulics. We do this using: 

  • Trainings 
    View our range of training programs or read more about customized trainings. 
  • Training material (literature)
    In collaboration with the Dutch branch organization FEDA we offer relevant literature in the field of  hydraulics. Indispensable for everyone who works with high pressure hydraulic tools. View our range of training materials and order now!
  • Toolbox information packages and Toolbox Meetings
    A Toolbox Meeting is a periodic meeting intended to improve daily safety at work based on a specific topic. View our range of toolbox meetings.
  • Holmatro Testteam videos
    How powerful are hydraulic systems? What do you have to pay attention to when using them? And where are the hidden risks? These are all questions that the Holmatro Testteam will answer. Let yourself be inspired and watch the videos. Go to the Holmatro Testteam page.
  • User tips 
    Using our tools correctly can prevent unnecessary damage and costs. That's why we offer you some useful tips in order to keep your hydraulic cylinders and pumps working as safely and reliably as possible. Increase your knowledge and request the FREE Top 10 Tips.
  • Safety instructions
    Unprofessional use of high-pressure hydraulic tools occurs on a regular basis. The Holmatro safety sheets list all the do's and don’ts for working safely with hydraulic tools in a simple and straightforward manner. These are indispensable in every workplace where hydraulic tools are used. 

Would you like to receive more information or promotional materials to raise your employees' awareness about working safely with high-pressure hydraulics? If so, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]