Step Jacks

An Holmatro (oil) storage tank lifting system usually contains;
•    a set of Step Jacks
•    a set of hydraulic hoses
•    400V hydraulic pump unit (high oil tank capacity),
•    4-way FlowPanels (Manifold, valve block) assembled on the pump 

Holmatro Step Jacks

Working principle of step jack system
A step jack is a hydraulic cylinder, fitted with a square foot plate, which can be supported by wooden beams. By stacking beams and operating the cylinder, objects can be lifted and supported up to heights of 2-3 meters. 

Step Jacks Working Principle

There are two types of Step Jack configurations which are commonly used for storage tank lifting: A circular and a 4-quadrant setup.

Step Jacks set-up

A Step Jack system is preferably equipped with flat-face hydraulic quick couplers. These couplers provide a secure quick connection and are easy to clean, because of their flat connecting surface. The required hoses can be supplied in two different colours: orange for the pressure side and green for the return side. All orange hoses will be fitted with male couplers and all green hoses will be fitted with female couplers. The above measures ensure an easy, user friendly & safe connection of all hoses and components.

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