Hydraulic cutters Cable (Guillotine)

The Holmatro Hydraulic Cable Cutters are highly efficient hydraulic cutting tools designed with a maximum working pressure of 700Bar / 10,000 Psi. These cutters are ideal for cutting power cables and are frequently used in construction industry, dismantling and demolishing, decommissioning, offshore installation and infrastructure

One of the key features of these cable cutters is their supple guillotine action, which makes them nearly silent during operation. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in noise-sensitive environments.

Additionally, these cutters can be used in all positions, including underwater, providing versatility in different working conditions.

The Holmatro Hydraulic Cable Cutters are an excellent choice for cutting and shortening various electric cables. They offer a relatively light weight, making them easy to handle, and serve as a safe alternative to other cutting methods like grinding or sawing. With their powerful hydraulic capability, these cable cutters ensure precise and efficient cable cutting operations in a variety of industrial applications.

Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance will take approximately 1-2 minutes of your time but will ensure that your cutter stays in optimal condition!

Your pump for Hydraulic Cable Cutter

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