About Holmatro Industrial Equipment


Holmatro Industrial Equipment

  • Supporting the green energy transition;
  • Enabling civil engineering companies to build roads, bridges or moving buildings;
  • Helping to place trains back on track;
  • Reducing downtime for production facilities and make working with high pressure hydraulics safer;

In all these applications, and more, our equipment  & service concepts are key to "help make the world move forward".

Founded in 1967, Holmatro Industrial Equipment is worth over +55 years of experience with high pressure hydraulic tools & systems. We are proud that after all this time we are still a MADE in The Netherlands company with inhouse research & development, engineering and production. We aim to provide you with the most safe, reliable, durable and ergonomic solution for your application, delivering high-quality products, excellent service and great customer care. 


Our range of cylinders, pumps, hoses and system components offers you flexibility and controlled power, from 5 to 300 tons. All tools are designed to generate safe & controlled power in various industrial applications. Whether it's maintenance and repair, production, heavy lifting, transportation, shipbuilding, civil engineering, construction, installation, tank construction, repair, Offshore Wind installation, transport, mining, or oil & gas projects, our equipment ensures optimal performance and reliability.


Holmatro is a worldwide known expert in hydraulic Cutting Tools. Our Industrial Cutting Tools are specially designed for continuous use in a heavy-duty environment, with the user in mind; safe & ergonomic. The main application focus of our Industrial Cutting Tools lies in the field of recycling, demolition, production and decommissioning. Their efficiency and reliability make them indispensable for tackling challenging cutting tasks.

Heavy Lifting & Transportation

In the domain of heavy lifting and transportation, we understand that controlled power is of the essence. . That's why our Heavy Lifting & Transportation solutions are built to be safe, reliable, and user-friendly. Whether it involves lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, or skidding, our systems are designed to move with your projects, ensuring efficient and secure handling of heavy loads.

offshore wind systems & services

Over the last 15 years, Holmatro Industrial Equipment has built a proven track record providing various solutions for the Offshore Wind Industry. In our way of work, partnership is key. Most projects were developed & executed in close cooperation with the developer, engineering companies and installation contractors Besides hydraulic solutions to level and fixate wind turbine foundations, such as transition pieces and jackets, we have supplied various systems in the field of cutting, sea fastening, deck handling and skidding solutions.


We are worth over +55 years of experience in designing, developing & producing high-pressure hydraulic tools & systems for both the Industrial and Rescue market. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver innovative, reliable, and safe solutions to our customers. This drive led us to explore the world of rerailing, where we seek to utilize our knowledge and expertise to perform this crucial task with enhanced safety, efficiency, and control, ultimately bringing more cost-effectiveness to operations.

Holmatro Premium Service program

When working in demanding circumstances with high pressure hydraulics, safety for your employees & customers should always come first. Correct & periodic maintenance can prevent unnecessary damages, costs, and unsafe situations. This is why we offer you a complete service program for high pressure hydraulic tools to ensure safety and increase the lifespan of your tools.

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