Battery driven hydraulic cutters for heavy industrial cutting applications. Available now!

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Holmatro Industrial Stationary Cutters are specially designed for continuous use in industrial processes where repetitive tasks are performed at a fixed point on the production line. This model prioritizes durability, making it suitable for high load frequency applications, and ergonomics to meet prolonged physical demands.

Constructed entirely from high-grade steel, the Stationary Cutter ensures robustness and reliability in its stationary setup. To address the weight increase compared to portable aluminum models, a balancer is incorporated to maintain ease of use and operator comfort.

Additionally, the hydraulic pump of the Stationary Cutter is specially adapted to meet the demands of continuous use, ensuring consistent performance and efficiency throughout its operation. With its focus on durability, ergonomics, and efficiency, the Holmatro Hydraulic Stationary Cutter is a reliable and indispensable tool for repetitive cutting tasks in industrial settings.