Cable measuring systems

Cable measuring systems

Measuring the electrical resistance of cables. Commissioned by AESA Cortaillod, Holmatro supplied 10 ton multi purpose cylinders and hand pumps as part of the ResTest measuring system.

Commissioned by: AESA Cortaillod
Location: Switzerland


AESA provides measuring systems, devices and quality-performance services to cable manufacturers worldwide.


One of the cable measuring solutions of AESA is ResTest. This system is used to measure the electrical resistance of metallic conductors of cables. A current is injected into the cable, the voltage drop is measured and the resistance is calculated according to Ohm’s law.


To improve precision of the measurement, the current must be distributed uniformly through the conductor cross-section. This is achieved by applying a high pressure on the cable with the help of cylinders, helping to reduce the contact resistance between the wires at the current injection point. In the ResTest 210 a Holmatro multi purpose cylinder is also used to straighten the cable.

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AESA Cortaillod

To operate the 10 ton cylinders Holmatro supplied hand pumps with a working pressure of 400 bars.

Watch the video of the hand pumps: