Converter maintenance

Converter maintenance

To be able to monitor the bearings of an 800 ton converter, it must be raised. Under assignment from Isdemir, Holmatro provided a Synchronized Positioning System with split-flow pump and locknut cylinders.

Commissioned by: Isdemir
Location: Iskenderun, Turkey


Isdemir is the largest producer of steel in Turkey. With its products, Isdemir offers the foundation for many sectors – including pipe production, shipbuilding, construction and production – and it leads the development of the national industry.


One of Isdemir's maintenance activities is the monitoring and replacement, if needed, of the bearings of a converter that weighs 800 tonnes. To be able to do this, the drive axis must be carefully lifted. This was done four times per year by an external supplier because Isdemir did not have this specific lifting knowledge and equipment in house.

To save costs on outsourcing, Isdemir decided to purchase its own lifting system. A tender was issued based on the system specifications from the external supplier and with a very short delivery time, in order to perform the next maintenance work with this immediately.


Despite the competitive specifications and the very short lead time, Holmatro was able to win the tender in collaboration with its Turkish dealer Net Mak. The deciding factors were our service provision and knowledge of the project, acceptance test at the customer's site (SAT), training of the inexperienced service engineers, and assistance during the first converter maintenance job. 

To lift the axis of the converter, Holmatro developed a synchronized positioning system fitted with a split-flow pump with eight outlets. A portable Human Machine interface (HMI) with a touchscreen controls the eight customer-specific locknut cylinders. The system software offers the user the ability to set precise parameters in order to perform a complex lifting operation. If the load changes, the system automatically stops and immediately sends out an alert. After inspection and solving the malfunction, the user is able to safely resume the process.
By making use of eight specially developed locknut cylinders – each with a capacity of 150 tonnes – the user has maximum control of the lifting as well as the lowering and the load can be mechanically secured during the maintenance work.

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