Repairs to an industrial dryer

Repairs to an industrial dryer

To repair the tires of an industrial dryer, they must be moved from their place. As commissioned by Stork Technical Services, Holmatro supplied hollow plunger cylinders and locknut cylinders.

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Commissioned by: Stork Technical Services 
Location: BP in Geel, Belgium


BP in Geel (BE) is an important production center for purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and paraxylene (PX). The production center also manufactures benzene and fuel additives.

To do this, the center utilizes so-called industrial dryers. These are huge drums that rotate continuously and are electrically driven. Each drum has a diameter of 4 meters, is 20 meters long and weighs some 170 tons in total. The dryer runs on two belts (tires).


One of the tires was damaged. To be able to perform repairs, the damaged tire had to be moved to a location on the dryer where there was more room between the tire and the dryer.


To move the 3-meter tire, Holmatro supplied four 50-ton hollow plunger cylinders, two 100-ton double-acting locknut cylinders and a compressed air Vari pump including accessories.

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