Construction of substation foundations

Construction of substation foundations

For the fixation of the construction of a substation consisting of a foundation and a topside which houses the transformers. Commissioned by Montube Sur – Navantia-Cadiz, Holmatro supplied 150 ton double-acting cylinders and 400 ton pulling cylinders.

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Commissioned by: Montube Sur – Navantia-Cadiz
Location: Baltic Sea


The Wikinger offshore wind farm consists of 70 turbines, each with a capacity of 5 MW and a rotor diameter of 135 meters. The wind farm will be built in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Germany. The power generated by the turbines is transmitted to the offshore substation which will transform the electricity to a higher voltage for transporting it onshore.


The substation consists of a foundation and a topside which houses the transformers. The foundation is a 6-leg jackets frame construction with a total weight of 2,400 tons. The dimensions are roughly 50m tall, 50m wide and 30m deep.


Holmatro supplied hydraulic cylinders for the fixation of the construction of the substation foundation; 400 ton double-acting pulling cylinders with a stroke length of 300 and 400 mm for support during the construction and 150 ton double-acting cylinders for locking and positioning the 6 legs of the structure. In addition to the cylinders we also supplied pump units, FlowPanels, hoses and hose cutters.

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Watch the video of Navantia and see how the substation jacket is positioned: