TP fixation for OSS

TP fixation for OSS

Precision vertical placement of a TP on a MP for the positioning of a offshore substation (OSS). Commissioned by STX France, Holmatro supplied a TP fixation system for the Rentel wind farm, and conducted a Site Acceptance Test.

Commissioned by: STX France 
Location: Bilbao, Spain


In 2017 starts the construction of Rentel, the fifth Belgian offshore wind farm. By the end of 2020, the wind farm will be completed. Rentel consist of 42 wind turbines. It will produce 309 megawatts (MW) and 1.1 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year. The new turbines will be the largest so far in the North Sea.

Sif and Iemants (Smulders Group) have been commissioned to deliver the project's 42 monopile foundations. Sif is responsible for the production and Iemants will take care of the outfitting of the transition pieces. The power generated by the turbines will be transmitted to the offshore substation (OSS). STX France is responsible for the fabrication of the offshore substation for the offshore wind farm which will be installed in the Belgian North Sea, approximately 40 km north of Ostend.


Iemants (Smulders Group) previously used Holmatro's TP fixation system. Read more about this project here.However, this was the first time for STX they used our system. Reason enough to conduct a Site Acceptance Test for them.


At Navacel’s northern Spanish location in Bilbao, our engineers worked through the steps with the customer to install the system components. The cylinders were then vented with a PA 18 H2 hand pump and the system was tested at maximum pressure. One benefit from a Site Acceptance Test is that the user can experience the system in their own environment and questions can be asked when needed. Moreover, location testing increases our engineers’ level of application knowledge, which contributes to their discovery of innovative market solutions.

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