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Advanced set

Holmatro’s Advanced Rerailing System set is suitable for railway vehicles with a maximum weight of 181 tons. The two Telescopic Cylinders each have a capacity of 68 tons in the first and 21 tons in the second stage, and a total stroke of 220 and 550 mm to lift the railway vehicle. Both of the cylinders are placed on Traverse Sleds, which are located on the Beam. The Traverse Sleds are connected to each other by two length-adjustable Traverse Struts. Between the Traverse Struts a Traverse Cylinder is located, with a pulling and pushing capacity of 12 tons. This Traverse Cylinder pushes or pulls the Traverse Sleds over the Beam. In this set, two Beams – 2200 mm and 1100 mm – are included. The Beams are connected to each other by a Connection Set.

Mechanical locking is provided by different Stacking Rings. With a fork tool, the Stacking Rings can be placed safely around the plunger of the Telescopic Cylinders. Sled Fill Plates can be placed under the Telescopic Cylinder if necessary, when spaces between the cylinders and the lifting points need to be filled. The Locking Device will prevent the vehicle from sliding during the lifting.

All of the cylinders are operated by a powerful Quattro pump which sends 4 equal flows to 4 independent manually operated control valves. Operating the control valves simultaneously results in guaranteed uniform cylinder stoke speeds during lifting and lowering, regardless the load they’re carrying. Of course, the valves can also be controlled separately to individually operate the cylinders. The actual pressure on each cylinder can be seen on the easy-to-read pressure gauges. The cylinders and the pump are connected to each other by colored Single or Double Extension Hoses measuring 20 meters. The colors of the hoses match with the colors on the pump control panel to help prevent incorrect connections.

Features and benefits Advanced set

  • Set components are up to 50% lighter than those of similar systems available on the market. The components have optimally placed grips and are also easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of extra equipment.
    - Easy to carry, handle, position and assemble all the components by one person
    - Reduces the physical burden
    - Maximum performance at a minimum weight
  • Quattro pump with 4 independent valves and equal flows for uniform cylinder stroke speeds (synchronized lifting and lowering), regardless the weight of the load.
    - Safe and more controlled operations
  • Stacking rings which can be easily placed around the plunger of the lifting cylinder when securing the load.
    - Mechanically holds the load in its position for a longer time period
    - Work safely near and under the load
  • Lowering valves with an integrated hose rupture security feature on each lifting cylinder.
    - Safe and more controlled lowering of the vehicle, regardless of the load on each cylinder
    - Ensured safety, because of the load holding function, even in the event of a hose rupture
  • Traverse cylinder with an equal capacity for both pushing and pulling.
    - Ability to push or pull the vehicle into position, instead of only pushing
  • Easily replaceable slide bearings both under and in the traverse sled
    - Ensures controlled lateral movements
    - A safer operation with less stress on the railway vehicle and the equipment
    - Shorter maintenance times
    - Lighter parts (no steel roller wheels)
  • An indicator on the traverse sled will alert the operator to the traverse limits.
    - Prevents instability of the railway vehicle and the equipment
  • Colored hoses, which match the colors on the pump control panel.
    - Reduces the chance of incorrect assembly and thus faulty operations