Safety instructions


Tips & tricks to work safely with hydraulics

How well are your employees prepared for risky situations with high pressure hydraulics? Do they know how to prevent dangerous situations? And what to do when things go wrong? Holmatro offers you tools to work even safer with hydraulics!

Unprofessional use of high pressure hydraulic tools is a regular occurrence  in the industry. Self-assembled extension pieces, low-pressure components on high-pressure tools and careless use are the basis for many unnecessary risks. The Holmatro safety sheets list all the do's and don’ts for working with hydraulic tools in a straightforward and conveniently organized manner. These are indispensable in every workplace where hydraulic tools are used.

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Available Safety sheets:

  • Safety sheet hydraulic cylinders
  • Safety sheet hoses & couplers
  • Safety sheet pumps
  • Safety sheet lifting bags
  • Safety sheet hydraulic cutters
  • Safety sheet battery cutters
  • Safety sheet foundry wedges
  • Safety sheet rerailing

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