A Toolbox Meeting is a periodic meeting intended to improve daily safety at work based on a specific topic. According to the HSE contractor checklist (VCA) guideline, you as employer are required to organize an HSE (VGM) meeting (otherwise known as a Toolbox meeting) for your employees several times per year. Holmatro offers various Toolbox Meetings on the subject of high-pressure hydraulics. Are you interested in a Toolbox meeting (or having one organized) or would you like more information? If so, please contact us at +31 (0) 162 751 500, or email us at [email protected]

Basic Toolbox meeting

Toolbox Working safelyToolbox: Working safely with hydraulics
Why is important to work safely with high-pressure hydraulics? And what can happen when such equipment is used incorrectly? The Toolbox 'Working safely with hydraulics' addresses the basic principles of high-pressure hydraulics. Hydraulic tools will be examined closely and lively examples will make your employees aware of the abilities and risks of this powerful drive technology.

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