Training material (literature)

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In collaboration with the Dutch branch organization FEDA we offer relevant literature and training material in the field of hydraulics. Booklet “Fluid-injection injury - The Facts” for example. Indispensable for everyone who works with high pressure hydraulic tools.

Technical Instruction – High pressure hydraulics

TL FEDA hogedruk hydrauliek.JPGThis Technical Instruction provides insight into the way how pressure is built up within high-pressure hydraulic systems and which components are required for this. It also gives instruction how to do professional maintenance and inspection.

Available in the languages: Dutch
Price: € 33.50 per piece


Booklet “Fluid-injection injury - The Facts”

Fluid-injection-injury_.jpgFluid-injection injury, now what? “Fluid-injection injury - The Facts” provides a picture of the possible consequences of a fluid-injection injury. It describes treatment methods, provides guidelines for doctors, and is thus an indispensable tool for everyone who works with or near hydraulic equipment.

Available in the languages: English, Dutch, German and French
Price: € 4.00 per piece


Request for literature

Do you want to know more about fluid-injection?  In this video* the Holmatro Testteam shows what fluid injection can do at 720 bar (10,400 Psi), as a result of working with damaged hoses.

* Not suitable for children and emotionally sensitive viewers!