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Working Safely with Hydraulics

Working with 720 bar is not to be taken lightly. Be inspired by the Holmatro Testteam and you will be aware of the risks. How safely do you work with high pressure hydraulics?

Be inspired by the Holmatro Testteam

Lift a load of 20,000 kg with a cylinder of just 2.6 kg. Move a load of 500,000 kg horizontally. Or cut a 220kV underground cable with a diameter of 160 mm with a portable cutter. At Holmatro it is all about controlled power. What initially seems unimportant and small can have far reaching effects with high pressure hydraulics.

How powerful are hydraulic systems? Where do you have to pay attention to? And how do you identify possible risks? All questions that the Holmatro Testteam will answer. Let yourself be inspired, watch the clips!

Did you know that…

  • A small hydraulic system can produce enormous forces.
  • The force applied by high pressure (720 bar) is comparable to a rifle shot.
  • 720 bar pressure is present in the entire system, including the hoses and couplers.
  • Leaks and malfunctions can often be prevented by careful use.
  • Hydraulic liquid (oil) is a fire hazard.
  • A hydraulic system can simply be professionally extended or modified.

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Feel the pressure!

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Use your BRAIN before using your hands!

  • Believe in creating a safe and neat work environment
  • Read the instructions and use the equipment as specified
  • Always work with Personal Protective Equipment
  • Inspect your equipment; scheduled maintenance and certification is required
  • Never work with damaged equipment