Getting derailed tamping machines back on track

lever engineering

Immediate response in time of need is necessary. Commissioned by Lever Engineering, Holmatro supplied an Advanced Rerailing set that offers the right solution when time is limited.

Commissioned by: Lever Engineering
Location: Australia


When a track is used many times a day it is important to have a system in place that can make sure that a derailed vehicle will be  back on track in no time. 

In this case the end customer is responsible for the construction of a new railway track in Australia and needed to be self-supporting in case of the derailment of a tamping machine or ballast regulator. Certainly when on a tight time schedule.


A quick and safe response is critical when time is very limited. Quick action is needed when a response is requested to an alert. Lever Engineering was looking for a solution which could reduce the time that was currently spend on getting the end customers machines back on track again.


The Holmatro Advanced rerailing set offers a lightweight design which ensures a safe and rapid set construction on site. This in addition to the set’s intuitive components that allows for unique adaptability to the derailed machine and it’s environment. The system traverse sleds and cylinder adds another layer of risk prevention, allowing the rerailing team to operate from a safe distance and maintain control throughout the operation.