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Hydraulic systems

Holmatro Rerailing Systems offer a solution for faster, safer and a more controlled rerailing of railway vehicles on the track. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the system, the lightweight components are easy to place, assemble and disassemble by one person without the use of extra equipment. This ensures business continuity by greatly reducing delays and costs.

Every rerailing application is different, and so is every budget. That’s why Holmatro offers 3 defined sets, each one suitable for different circumstances. If a set suits your needs but a slight change would make it more perfect, changes can easily be made by selecting other lifting components, sliding componentsoperation components and connection components. You can also compose your own customized Rerailing System. The choice is yours!

Watch the feature video or see the Holmatro Rerailing System in action

If a train is derailed, it must be lifted and moved sideways in order to replace the wheels on the rails. This is done using a Rerailing System.

Johan Knuivers, Team leader Incident Response ProRail: “We were looking for an innovative Rerailing System in which our years of experience could be included. It soon became apparent that Holmatro was the most suitable partner for solving our problem. The result of the close collaboration was astounding: a re-railing system completely adapted to our requirements, equipped with the most modern technology. We have tested the system extensively on different types of rolling stock. Also on a freight wagon which was completely filled with water. The total weight of the wagon amounted to 90 tons. Despite this extreme weight, the re-railing system functioned safely and controlled. Because we were able to move the wagon sideways on the cylinders, it was back on the track in no time."

Challenge us! 
Lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting or horizontal movement; whatever direction your project moves in, we move with you. In collaboration with our R&D, Production and Service departments, we place ourselves in your situation and participate fully in the thinking process to achieve the right solution for your usage requirements. Allow us to inspire you and challenge us to come up with a solution for your specific problem. We look forward to hearing from you!

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