Track ST-LW

Skidding System track with a length of 1.8 meters. The track can be connected to or other tracks – within the same type Skidding System - by a click system. Beams are placed in the tracks. To optimally guide the beams, the tracks are fitted with extremely low-friction sliding pads.

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Track ST-LW
Track ST-LW
Lightweight Skidding System
Skidding System, Lightweight
  • Track ST-LW
  • Track ST-LW
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  • Lightweight Skidding System
  • Skidding System, Lightweight
Articlenumber 100.003.384
Basic specifications
model ST-LW
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use 37.5 kg 82.7 lb
Technical drawing dimensions
dimension A 1877 mm 73.9 in
dimension B 385 mm 15.2 in
dimension C 50 mm 2 in
dimension D 1800 mm 70.9 in
  • • Low construction height; total height is 56 mm (2.20 inches)
    - Efficient when there is limited insertion space
  • • Lightweight components with optimally placed grips
    - Easy to carry, handle, position and assemble by one or two persons (no forklift needed)
    - Reduces the physical burden
    - Maximum performance at a minimum weight
  • • Modular system
    - Easy to adapt to different load sizes and projects
    - Plug and play; easy to assemble without the use of extra equipment
  • • Sliding pads with extremely low friction coefficient; low sliding resistance between tracks and beams