Multi Purpose Cylinder HGC 10 S 25

The Holmatro Multi (General) Purpose Cylinders offer a wide range of capabilities with lifting capacities spanning from 5 to 100 tons and stroke lengths varying between 50 and 250 mm. These versatile cylinders are suitable for diverse applications, making them a reliable choice for lifting, pushing, pulling, and pressing tasks in various industrial settings. With convenient mounting options, installation is streamlined and secure. Additionally, models with lifting capacities up to 50 tons come equipped with an internal plunger thread, enhancing their usability and functionality.

Standard supplied with:

    • Collar thread and base mounting holes
    • Internal plunger thread on all models to 50 tons
    • High flow female coupler A118
    • Flat saddle
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Multi Purpose Cylinder HGC 10 S 25
Multi Purpose Cylinder HGC 10 S 25
Multi Purpose Cylinders
  • Multi Purpose Cylinder HGC 10 S 25
  • Multi Purpose Cylinder HGC 10 S 25
  • Multi Purpose Cylinders
  • HGC - F&B
Articlenumber 100.112.223
Basic specifications
model HGC 10 S 25
max. working pressure 720 / 72 (bar/Mpa) 10443 psi
tonnage 10 t 22046 lb
stroke 250 mm 9.8 in
closed height 340 mm 13.4 in
capacity 100 kN / 10.2 t / 100 / 10.2 (kN/t) 22481 lbf
effective pressure area 13.9 cm2 2.2 sq. in.
General specifications
required oil content (effective) 346 cc 11.7 oz
acting type single
return type spring
material steel
cylinder type multi purpose
connection A 118
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use 6.4 kg 14.1 lb
Technical drawing dimensions
dimension A 340 mm 13.4 in
dimension B 60 mm 2.4 in
dimension C1 38 mm 1.5 in
dimension C2 21 mm 0.8 in
dimension D 80 mm 3.1 in
dimension E 20 mm 0.8 in
dimension F 336 mm 13.2 in
dimension G 5 mm 0.2 in
dimension J 2¼”-14-UNS threadsize
dimension K 31 mm 1.2 in
dimension L 1”-8-UNC threadsize
dimension M 20 mm 0.8 in
dimension N 40 mm 1.6 in
dimension O M8x12 (2x) threadsize
angle A1 90 °
ASME B30.1
  • Features & Benefits
    • Duplex power coating makes the plunger corrosion-resistant; the hard chrome top layer protects the plunger against scratches and prevents the adhesion of objects such as welding spatters (Image 1)
    • Duo power ring; a combination of a superior seal and an extremely strong composite bearing for a longer life span (Image 2)
    • Thread protector protects the thread on the cylinder housing (Image 3)
    • XL saddle+; QPQ saddle protects the plunger against corrosion and limits undesired eccentric loads (Image 4)
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