Maintenance work on railway vehicles

Maintenance work on railway vehicles

Lifting railway vehicles from the track and putting them back on the track after maintenance work. Commissioned by Poltrans-Miedz (KGHM), Holmatro supplied a faster, lighter and safer Re-railing System.

Commissioned by: Poltrans-Miedz (KGHM)
Location: Lubin mine, Poland


Poltrans-Miedz is part of KGHM, one of the biggest Polish state-owned enterprises. Poltrans-Miedz owns a wide range of automotive and railway vehicles, to transport all kinds of materials for the Copper Mining and Smelting Industrial Complex at Lubin (KGHM), but also for other companies, both national and international.

The Lubin mine is located in south-west Poland, on the northern outskirts of the town of Lubin, in Lower Silesia. It is the oldest mine in the Polish Copper Zone. Lubin represents one of the largest copper and silver reserves in Poland having estimated reserves of 347 million tonnes of ore grading 1.26% copper and 58 g/tonnes silver. The annual ore production is around 7.3 million tonnes from which 92,000 tonnes of copper and 423 tonnes of silver are extracted.


Lifting railway vehicles from the track and putting them back on the track after maintenance work is an accurate and time-consuming process. Reason enough for Poltrans-Miedz to look for a quicker, lighter, easier to control and safer solution.


Holmatro’s Rerailing System is suitable for railway vehicles up to a maximum weight of 339 tons. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the system, the lightweight components are easy to position, assemble and disassemble by one person, without the need for extra equipment. This ensures business continuity by greatly reducing delays and costs.

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