Rotating a transformer

Rotating a transformer

When relocating a transformer, changing its direction in a safe and controlled manner is often a requirement. Commissioned by Al Anwar Heavy Lift, Holmatro supplied a hydraulic turntable for dry rotation with a 400 tonnes weight capacity.

Commissioned by: Al Anwar Heavy Lift 
Location: Doha, Qatar


Changing the skid direction is often desirable when relocating heavy objects, such as transformers. In order to do this, rotating constructions based on grease (lubricant) are used. However, these constructions cannot always be operated in a safe and controlled manner. Furthermore, grease is not an ideal lubricant in all weather conditions.


Our client was looking for a solution where heavy loads could be rotated in a safer and more controlled manner during skid activities. They preferred dry rotation because the Qatar desert conditions do not combine well with lubricants such as grease. In addition, the turntable had to satisfy specific dimensions and have a weight capacity of 400 tonnes.


Holmatro developed a hydraulic turntable for Al Anwar Heavy Lift that is easy to operate and requires little maintenance, despite the occasional demanding circumstances. Due to the use of specially designed extremely low-friction sliding pads  smooth guiding is not influenced by temperature. In addition, the sliding pads don’t attract sand, which significantly reduces damage to the stainless-steel base structure of the turntable. The turntable can also be operated with the split flow pump that the client already possesses.

The turntable dimensions meet the requirements for transporting the table in a standard shipping container, and the lifting eyes make it easy to lift the turntable using a forklift.

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Al Anwar Heavy Lift uses the turntable in combination with Holmatro’s lightweight skid system:

Holmatro’s Skidding Systems are suitable for moving industrial objects and installations with exceptional sizes and weights to locations where using a crane is not an option. Due to the user-friendly modular construction of both systems they are easy to adapt to each load size and project.

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