Nut splitters

Holmatro's hydraulic nut splitters or nut crackers for removing corroded or tight nuts.

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Quick and safe removal of corroded or tight nuts

Specially designed for repair and maintenance, in offshore and (petro-)chemical industries. Both nut crackers have fully adjustable cutting blades with which the 2 tools offer a span of width from 19 to 50 mm (bolt size 13 to 33 mm, or ½"- 1¼"). The conically shaped cutting blade cuts fast and smoothly through several types of metal and if required it can easily be replaced. It is possible to accurately adjust the blade to the thread of the bolt size which enables you to cut the nut without damaging the thread of the bolt. Both nut crackers are well protected against damage by rubber stop shoulders.

Holmatro nut splitters

Holmatro's nut splitters are compact, lightweight and safe to use. Sparks and nut parts are a thing of the past. Precise adjustment of the stroke length prevents damage to the nut. The nut splitters can be used in all positions as the split head can be turned 360 degrees. It is not without reason that Holmatro nut splitters are used by, among others, contractors, dredgers, bridge construction, crane building, diving companies, harbour industries, harbour terminals, maintenance, mining industries, navy, army, offshore companies, oil refineries, power stations, salvage companies, shipping industries, shipyards and steel factories.