Hydraulic spreaders

In car manufacturing welds are tested in two different ways: ultrasonic (every weld) and destructive (random). Based on decades of experience in hydraulic spreader technology, Holmatro has designed an industrial hydraulic spreader system, HATS (Holmatro Automotive Testing System), specifically for destructive testing use in the automotive manufacturing environment.

Destructive testing

With ultrasonic testing it is difficult to interpret the read-outs and to define when a discontinuity becomes unacceptable. With the Holmatro Automotive Testing Spreader (HATS) it is easy to proof the true quality of the welds by destructive testing the welds. Step 1: specify the access point. Step 2: spread the metal sheets. Step 3: check the welds. The material around the weld should rip (break), not the weld itself.