Sideways ship launch

Sideways ship launch

A sideways launch is always an impressive event that requires a safe and controlled execution. Commissioned by Shipyard Ferus Smit, Holmatro supplied ship launching sets.

Commissioned by: Shipyard Ferus Smit
Location: Netherlands


A sideways launch is always exciting and attracts a lot of people. When you hear the words on the tannoy: “...and wish your crew a safe voyage...” and the Champaign bottle breaks in one go, all eyes are focussed on the immense ship which is about to make its acquaintance with the water. When the last blocks are removed and the hydraulic pressure falls, the rumble can be felt. It is quiet and everyone in the shipyard and on the other side of the Winschoterdiep holds their breath. “Loose!” is heard, as the ship glides from the slope, first slowly and then more quickly.


Each ship launch is an impressive event. Especially when you realise that an object of 8,000 tons of steel or more, is released by just pressing one button. In order to do this safely and controlled an intensive preparation as well as the right equipment are of vital importance.


Due to close contacts with renowned shipyards and specialised suppliers we have gained extensive technical knowledge and experience regarding sideways ship launches. This makes us an ideal partner to arrange all the necessary tools and equipment for a ship launch: wedges, custom-made cylinder sets, corresponding pumps and the complete control unit. This one-stop-shopping-service saves you a lot of time, hassle and costs.

A sideways ship launch is not only used in the waters of Holland. Also Cuba makes use of this way of ship launching. Commissioned by Bryteside, Holmatro supplied a ship launching set consisting of 4 cylinders with total capacity of 200 tons, 4 hand pumps including pressure gauge sets, 4 oil dump tanks and an electric control unit for simultaneous release.

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Wim Vosdingh, Business office assistant Ferus Smit: “Launching a ship without damage to the ship, the surroundings and safety for bystanders is paramount. This means that we work under extremely controlled conditions. Holmatro understands this. Together we developed launching sets which comply perfectly with our business philosophy.”

Check the video and watch the ship launching set in action:

Not only Shipyard Ferus Smit is excited about the functionality of our ship launching sets. Shipyard De Hoop and Royal Bodewes also makes gratefully use of the sets.
Check the ship launch of Shipyard De Hoop and watch the ship launching set in action!
Check the ship launch of Shipyard Royal Bodewes and watch the ship launching set in action!

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