Lifting and securing a soccer stadium roof

Lifting and securing a soccer stadium roof

Lifting and securing the roof of the Rhein stadium in Dusseldorf for repair work. Commissioned by Verwater, Holmatro supplied 250 ton locknut cylinders.

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Commissioned by: Verwater
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany


It is common that the sliding roof of sports arena’s such as soccer stadiums for example are carried by a pillar construction. Thorough inspection sometimes proofs that these constructions are too weak to support the entire roof. This has been the case with the Rhein Arena stadium in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Lifting and securing the roof structure (supported by pillars constructions), so that repair work on the pillars can be carried out safely.


Verwater used Holmatro cylinders for lifting the roof in order to reinforce the pillars. The type of cylinders that were used in this particular situation were locknut cylinders, each with a capacity of 250 tonnes.

A locknut cylinder does not only lift loads, it is also designed to hold, stabilize and mechanically secure loads for a longer period of time. The locknut itself is located on the threaded plunger and can be screwed down as soon as the load has been lifted to the desired level. Afterwards the load is secured which means that the pressure can be taken off the system. This makes the locknut cylinder the only type of cylinder eliminating the need for a separate support system (e.g. wooden beams stacked up between ground level and the uplifted object to hold it in place). 

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Holmatro’s standard range of lock nut cylinders comes in many models with capacities from 10 to 250 tonnes, different heights and stroke lengths, single or double acting. Because each situation is different Holmatro also offers custom-made solutions for specific applications and circumstances.

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