Aluminium Cylinder HARC 100 H 12

The Holmatro Industrial equipment Ring Climbing Cylinder Set allows you to execute challenging lifting operations, in limited space;

- With the stacking rings & blocks, you safely achieve a lifting height of up
to 600mm
- Starting with a compact cylinder, on a small footprint
- Lightweight; ergonomic
- Lifting & securing the load by one product; safe
- Perfect combination with our Skidding Systems

Check out the video for a detailed explanation.

Standard supplied with:

    • High Flow female coupler A 118
    • Flat saddle
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Aluminium Cylinder HARC 100 H 12
Aluminium Cylinder HARC 100 H 12
  • Aluminium Cylinder HARC 100 H 12
  • Aluminium Cylinder HARC 100 H 12
Articlenumber 101.002.954
Basic specifications
model HARC 100 H 12
max. working pressure 720 / 72 (bar/Mpa) 10443 psi
tonnage 100 t 220462 lb
stroke 120 mm 4.7 in
closed height 300 mm 11.8 in
capacity 1030.6 kN / 105.1 t / 1030.6 / 105.1 (kN/t) 231688 lbf
effective pressure area (press) 143.1 cm2 22.2 sq. in.
effective pressure area (retract) 56.5 cm2 8.8 sq. in.
General specifications
required oil content (effective) 1039 cc 35.1 oz
required oil content (press) 1717 cc 58.1 oz
required oil content (retract) 678 cc 22.9 oz
acting type double
return type hydraulic
material aluminium
cylinder type standard
connection A 119
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use 23 kg 50.7 lb
Technical drawing dimensions
dimension A 300 mm 11.8 in
dimension B 195 mm 7.7 in
dimension C 80 mm 3.1 in
dimension D1 76 mm 3 in
dimension D2 56 mm 2.2 in
dimension E 35 mm 1.4 in
dimension F 285 mm 11.2 in
I type I-2
dimension P 97 mm 3.8 in
ASME B30.1
  • The sets were designed & developed in close cooperation with heavy lifting specialist Mammoet; “We regularly carry out projects for an energy producer where we have to replace 3 transformers. This means we have to move 6 transformers in a few days, according to a schedule agreed in advance with the customer”. He concluded, “Holmatro’s lightweight aluminum cylinders significantly reduce physical labor, making work much more enjoyable, resulting in a positive effect on health, ergonomics and safety. But it also saves a lot of time. Holmatro’s aluminum cylinders are also regularly used in other projects where there is no time pressure”. (Jaap Jan den Boer, project supervisor Mammoet)
  • Feedback from our costumers:
    “ This product enables us to safe a lot of handling and support material
    “ Light weight and very user friendly. Really ergonomic.”
    “ ROI is lower due to quicker way of working compared to standard
    climbing cylinders.”
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