How we test


Our years of experience have learned us that there is only one correct way to determine if a hydraulic system is safe to use: that’s dynamic testing. What is dynamic testing? Simulating a max use situation in a controlled environment.

Dynamic testing of a cylinder for example, means testing your cylinders across the entire stroke with the use of a contra cylinder, simulating the maximum use situation (105% of the capacity) of your tools, so that the over-pressure relief protection is tested. Hidden defects are identified sooner with this method of testing.
This method of testing applies to all components in your hydraulic system (pump, hose, manifold, etc.) because one small defect can result in unnecessary work interruptions and unsafe situations.

Watch the video about static versus dynamic testing and decide for yourself:

Needless to say, Holmatro’s dynamic testing procedures comply with (and in the area of lifting is even more comprehensive than) the Guidelines Work Equipment 2009/104/EG, HSE LOLER 1998 (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and many other EU member state directives.